Debbie is great at getting things done and navigating through obstacles that arise during a home sale. I don’t think the sales of our property would have been successful without the knowledge and professionalism of Debbie and her team. When I decide to move, my first call will be to Debbie. You will be glad if you do the same.

Hi, Debbie,

Thanks for forwarding the mail from my parents house. I found bills,I didn’t know about, that are taken care of now. I would also like to thank you,Jim and the rest of your team for the terrific job done in selling the house. I do not believe the sale would have been completed without your hard work and experience. You were always on top of everything: keeping me informed, dealing with Celink, foreseeing possible roadblocks, finding solutions and resources to get things done.

Also, thanks for helping my probate attorney. Your detailed notes from dealing with Celink and professional experience saved the sale. The time, effort and Care Jim and you have provided has been the best. You have all truly earned your commissions. I never realized how many abilities are needed today to be a true professional realtor. When I am ready to sell my house you will be my first call. Thanks so much for everything.

Sincerely, John Callaway

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